Friday, May 16, 2008

Using Redbubble To Make Money From Your Photos

Now that you have signed up for Imagekind, created your websites and signed up with flickr, the next site you should concentrate on is Redbubble. Redbubble is a lot like the other photos sites we have discussed so far on this site. After you sign up you should begin by uploading a few of your best photographs. Don't forget to put tags and a link back to your photo website in the description of each photo. This way when someone is admiring your fine work they can click on the link and find themselves at your photo website! As you know by now, the more traffic to your website the more chance of someone clicking on your ads and making money through Google Adsense without even selling any of your work!

Redbubble is a bit more of an art site then Flickr or Imagekind so they have even more to offer. You can sell your photographs in the form of greeting cards, matted print, laminated print, mounted print, canvas print, framed print and poster form. Remember though to upload the highest resolution photograph that you can. If the image is too small it will not be available for sale in the certain formats like poster which requires a very large image. Also, just like Imagekind you can choose your markup on the photographs. (Don't be too greedy or no one will buy your work!)

Redbubble's group are also very important if you want to get any exposure to your work. You can search through the groups to find which ones suit you best or just create your own! This is a great way to meet new photographers, and perhaps even make a sale or two in the process.

Another one of my favorite features of Redbubble is the gadgets they provide which can easily be displayed on your photo site, or any other sites that you manage. You can see my personal Redbubble gadget on the sidebar of this site right under "My Redbubble". As you can see, it is a lot like a slideshow and there are a couple variations that you can choose from here! You can also have this gadget displayed on your Facebook profile with just a couple clicks.

So what are you waiting for go ahead and sign up or you can check out my profile here!

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